Designed by scientists for scientists, Waters' application-focused systems remove the guesswork in LC and MS analyses. You can be assured that whenever a new analytical challenge arises, Waters will have the technology and applications expertise to help you conquer it. 

Environmental Waters environmental solutions provide the sensitivity, specificity, and compound confirmation needed for screening and quantifying pesticide residues in agricultural commodities, drinking water, surface water, and soil.
Forensic and Forensic Toxicology solutions Waters LC-MS systems provides high quality information for the analysis of prohibited substances, monitor illicit drug use, or new psychoactive substances (NPS).
Test Tubes LC-MS Clinical Diagnostics Solutions Waters MassTrak™ immunossuppressants solutions integrating HPLC, mass spectrometry, software and support services, have been enhanced to include a reagent kit for the quantification of whole blood samples as an aid in the management of tacrolimus therapy.
Health Sciences Biomedical Research From biomarker discovery research, phenomics and translational research to clinical diagnostic solutions, Waters strives to improve health by partnering with the biomedical community to bring scientific innovations to healthcare solutions.
Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Waters’ portfolio of LC, MS, and informatics solutions support discovery, research and development, and commercialization in the life science and pharmaceutical industries for small and large molecule therapeutics.
Chemical Chemical Application areas include Agrochemicals, Consumer Products, Extractables & Leachables, Fine & Specialty Chemicals, Cosmetics & Personal Care Products, Polymers, and Fuel and Energy.
Food Waters provides comprehensive analytical solutions for food safety, food quality control, OMICS and food research applications.

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