Waters STEM Ambassador Program

Supporting the educational journey of the next generation of STEM professionals

The Waters STEM Ambassador Program focuses on education, exposure, and experiences for students through their journey from elementary through university schooling. Our commitment to the education of the next generation of students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is inspired by the passion of our employees to deliver benefit within their local communities.

Watch the STEM Live educational video series hosted by Waters scientists, technologists, or engineers from around the globe in your classroom, living room, or laboratories. Each experiment teaches students of all ages about science and how to learn anywhere, including their home laboratories.



Waters STEM Live: Red Cabbage pH Indicator

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Waters STEM Live:
Pen Peculiarities

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Waters STEM Live: 6-Layer Density Column

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Waters STEM Live: Dancing Art

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Waters STEM Live:
The Highs and Lows of Air Pressure

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Waters STEM Live:
STEM Business Bricks

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Additional Resources

The STEM Challenge Video series includes additional, easy to perform experiments targeted at elementary to early middle school age group children to enhance their exploration in STEM topics.  At the beginning of each video, you will find a detailed experimental list with items one needs to complete the challenge. 

  • Science and Technology  (Hydrophobicity, Dancing Spaghetti, Building a Fizz Inflator)
  • Engineering and Math (Bridge Building, Measuring Rainfall, Measuring Speed)
  • Art (Newton’s Disc)


Educational Experiences

The STEM Ambassador program has developed a curriculum on separation science with the goal to get children interested and excited about chromatography. This is an in-classroom, hands-on kit that is targeted at the later elementary age group of children, 8-11 years old. Currently, this kit is supported through trained STEM Ambassadors at Waters only in the United States.

If interested, please contact us at stem@waters.com.


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