MS Technologies

Let the MS experts explain the technologies that power our instruments.

ScanWave Conventional tandem quadrupole mass spectrometers are primarily used only in MRM mode. With ScanWave technology, you can put TQ versatility to real, everyday use.
MSe Simply put, MSe is the engine that drives MS performance. Have the freedom to extract and explore all the scientific possibilities.
QuanTof Delivers UPLC compatible mass resolution, matrix-tolerant dynamic range and quantitative results even when analyzing the most complex samples.
T-Wave Travelling wave (T-Wave™) ion guides enable the precise manipulation of ions in a mass spectrometer in order to enhance sensitivity, selectivity, and analytical speed.
TriWave Conventional mass spectrometers separate on the basis of m/z. Triwave enables you to also separate on the basis of size and shape, dramatically enhancing sample definition.
Universal Ion Sources When you need to extract the maximum amount of information from a diverse range of compounds, you require the ultimate in ionization flexibility and performance.
New Product Operations From design feasibility through to production, find out more about the process involved in introducing a new Mass Spectrometer.

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