Xevo G2-XS QTof Unifi Application Solutions and Platform Solutions

Waters application solutions provide scientists with comprehensive analytical systems with established methods and reporting protocols associated with them. This is as close to a “Turn Key” solution as possible for high end LCMS instruments. The associated benefits of this approach are complete application support, minimum staff training and maximum productivity.

What is an Application Solution?

An Application Solution is a fully developed and tested method that Waters will demonstrate in your lab. This means you will be collecting useful data immediately after install independent of your level of LCMS experience. The application solution includes reagents, standards, LC columns, LC, MS, software, and most importantly, LC/MS method, data processing, the appropriate validated library, and reporting tools. A full range of training options are also available depending on your needs.

What is a Platform Solution?

A Platform Solution is a fully tested and supported system that has been put together to get the best possible data. It comes complete with analytical standards and reagents to test the system is in an optimal condition on a day-to-day and instrument-to-instrument bases in a fast and reproducible way. A full range of training options are also available depending on your needs.

Application Solutions

Metabolite Identification Application Solution with UNIFI
Natural Products Application Solution with UNIFI
Forensic Toxicology Screening Solution with UNIFI
Pesticide Screening Application Solution with UNIFI

Platform Solutions

Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution with UNIFI
Screening Platform Solution with UNIFI

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