Integrated Solutions

Streamline your laboratory with Waters integrated solutions

From our newest MaxPeak Premier Solutions to our BioAccord LC-MS System and more, our integrated and scalable solutions help you overcome your operational and data challenges with ease. Experience new levels of efficiency, quality, and data integrity to accelerate your growth.

  • Holistically designed to work together as one
  • Seamlessly integrate into your environment
  • Lower your total cost of ownership
  • Maintain high levels of data quality, compliance, and system up-time

No matter how straightforward or complex your workflow and method requirements, rely on our fit-with-purpose solutions to uniformly meet your ever-evolving needs.

BioAccord LC-MS System with ACQUITY Premier for Routine Biotherapeutic Analysis​ The Waters BioAccord LC/MS System with ACQUITY Premier is an integrated system that simplifies high performance LC-MS biopharmaceutical analysis for every user.
Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution with UNIFI The Waters Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution with UNIFI integrates robust UPLC/MS characterization technology with comprehensive software.
MaxPeak Premier Solutions Combining state-of-the-art column and system technology, the MaxPeak Premier Solutions are designed specifically to eliminate the unpredictability of analyte losses due to metal interactions.
Natural Products Application Solution with UNIFI The Waters Natural Products Application Solution with UNIFI combines UPLC/QTof MS analytical technology with UNIFI informatics and a Traditional Medicines Library to streamline the identification of chemical structures in complex natural products.
Xevo G2-XS QTof Unifi Application Solutions and Platform Solutions Waters application solutions provide scientists with comprehensive analytical systems with established methods and reporting protocols associated with them.

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