Waters Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

UK Modern Slavery Act

Modern Slavery Act 2015

Waters Corporation (“Waters”) is committed to the responsible sourcing of goods and services through its supply chain.

On 26 March 2015 the UK Government enacted the Modern Slavery Act 2015 ( “the Act”). In accordance with the Act, Waters is required to undertake assessments of its supply chain to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place within its business.

Waters takes the issue of slavery and human trafficking seriously and has a zero tolerance approach to the issue. Waters takes a number of steps to ensure that organizations it works with through its supply chain are reputable and comply with all applicable laws, including those related to human trafficking and modern slavery.

Waters has a Supply Chain Code of Conduct that sets expectations of the “supply chain” to follow procedures that enable them to meet the expectations as outlined in the Code of Conduct required by Waters. We do not require on going audits of suppliers, setting the expectation that the suppliers will police themselves.

Waters’ tier 1 supply chain shows limited possible impact from slavery, servitude, human trafficking and or forced labor. Analysis of the tier 1 supply chain shows no identification of our suppliers having any issues to date. Next steps that will need to be taken should analyze tiers below tier 1 and require more joint direct work with the tier 1 suppliers.

Waters will continue to work with its suppliers and these organizations to ensure that it complies with its obligations under the Act. Where necessary, updates to this statement will be made from time to time.


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