Targeted Biomedical Research

Power of LC-MS/MS

With the complexity of biology, focused analytical workflows can help elucidate biochemical pathways and components that drive and alter normal and pathological states. Understanding the active state of biology requires tools and technologies sufficiently sophisticated to evaluate multiple layers for biochemicals and their interactions. At Waters, we are working hard to empower the biomedical research community by developing LC-MS/MS-based solutions that are both powerful and easy-to-use. One example is the Targeted Omics Method Library, an online repository of downloadable tandem quadrupole method packages that have been developed by the world’s best application scientists. Each method package includes a plug-and-play method file for a panel for analytes, an application note for the method, and a list of isotopically-labeled standards for the method analytes.

Examples of method packages include: 

  •  Acyl carnitines
  •  Amino Acids
  •  Bile Acids
  •  Free fatty acids
  • Lipids

  •  Proteins
  •  TCA Cycle intermediates
  •  Triglycerides
  •  Tryptophan metabolites

Analytical Performance

Waters LC-MS/MS solutions deliver the high-fidelity quantitative analyses that are reproducible, selective, and sensitive that you require, that is often unattainable with immunoassays. For a partner with extensive experience developing proven LC-MS solutions used in the biomedical research space, Waters can help you find the answers to key biological questions.

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