Switching Valves

Switching Valves are compact, motorized standalone modules that are ready-to-use alternatives to manual selection valves. Each module has a unique flow switching pattern that is designed for a particular set of laboratory tasks. Choose from a variety of products to best suit your analytical needs:

  • Valve positions are displayed digitally
  • Positions may be selected locally from a front panel push button or remotely by the built-in electronic interface
  • Compatible with laboratory instruments and computer systems

 Valve Application/Use
Solvent Selector
  • Automates solvent selection for unattended methods development
  • Automates column cleaning/conditioning
Two-Position, Six-Port Valve
  • Sample Enrichment
  • Two-column selection
  • Sample clean-up
Two-Position, Ten-Port Valve
  • Sample clean-up
  • Automates alternating column regeneration
  • Combine injection and sample enrichment
Three-Column Selector Valve
  • Accelerates column selection for methods development
  • Simplifies multiple sample runs
Six-Column Selector Valve
  • Automates column selection for rapid methods development
  • Supports very high throughput sample screening
Ten-Position Selector Valve
  • Automates selection of up to 10 columns
  • Sample Selection
  • Column scouting with solvent selection


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