Laboratory Automation

Streamline LC-MS Workflows

Laboratory automation is quickly becoming a critical component of the modern lab to streamline pharmaceutical, life science, and analytical LC-MS workflows. Automation of routine and complex sample preparation helps minimize variability, improve traceability, and simplify method transfer. Ultimately bringing improved efficiency to the lab and allowing scientists to increase their productivity.

Waters offers verified automation solutions that increase the efficiency of liquid chromatography workflows.

  • Advanced, automated, robotic laboratory assistants
  • Automation-ready application kits designed for various automation platforms
  • Verified platform scripts and detailed user guides to ensure seamless deployment and robust analytical method performance



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Andrew+ and OneLab Automated Liquid Handling for LC & LC-MS Sample Preparation Workflows The Andrew+ robot and OneLab software is your modern, liquid handling automation platform that is easy to set up, without the need for extensive programming or engineering experience.
Automation kits and scripts Automation Workflow Kits and Scripts Total solution kits for a variety of compounds and markets scaled to provide enough minimum residual volume for large automation platforms (i.e., Tecan, Hamilton). A selection of components verified to work together for the best possible results.