Progenesis QI for Proteomics

Discover the significantly changing proteins in your samples

Progenesis QI for proteomics software enables you to quantify and identify proteins in your complex samples using the advantages of label-free analysis. With support for all common vendor data formats and a highly visual guided workflow, Progenesis QI for proteomics enables you to rapidly, objectively and reliably discover proteins of interest from single or fractionated samples and using multi-group experimental designs. As well as conventional data-dependent analysis (DDA), Progenesis QI for proteomics supports the analysis of Waters MSE and HDMSE data-independent (DIA) data. Uniquely, the software also takes advantage of the additional dimension of resolution offered by Ion Mobility separations to give improvements in accuracy and precision of identification and quantification.

What's new in Progenesis QI for proteomics?

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