Waters Corporation recognizes the need for our software solutions to interface with other vendors’ software products. We have achieved great success in forming partnerships with companies that help provide the complete software solutions that our customers require.

Waters Laboratory Informatics Partnerships include experienced software, services, and technology companies selected for their expertise in systems integration, hardware, software development, and other critical services.

When evaluating possible software partnerships, we look for a defined market opportunity, a joint product or service that matches the opportunity, and a strategy to market, sell, and install the joint offering.

Tetrascience TetraScience TetraScience is the leading global R&D Data Cloud company, with a mission to transform life sciences R&D, accelerate discovery, and improve human life.
beyontics beyontics specializes in providing training, support and on-site assistance for global installations of Empower Chromatography Data Software.
Caliber Technologies Pvt. Ltd One of the leading LIMS vendors in India and is headquartered out of Hyderabad. Its flagship product CaliberLIMS® helps Pharma companies achieve complete quality control automation and have a 100% paperless lab.
ChemWare ChemWare’s HORIZON LIMS integrates the scientific data produced by NuGenesis® SDMS.
CSols, Inc. is recognized as the premier Laboratory Informatics Consultancy in North America and has done so by earning and maintaining a reputation for excellence in everything we do.
IBM Providing advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics.
InfoChem InfoChem’s Chemistry Cartridge (ICCARTRIDGE) uses an Oracle relational database to handle, store and retrieve data on chemical structures and reactions.
Informatech Consulting Provides project management, system implementation, validation and vendor auditing services for software products used by FDA-regulated companies.
LabAnswer LabAnswer is an independent laboratory informatics consulting firm.
Omics LLC Specializes in advanced characterization of petroleum and other complex mixtures through acquisition, integration, validation, and visualization of complex data sets across multiple analytical platforms.
PREMIER Biosoft International PREMIER Biosoft Internation is a leading bioinformatics company offering SimGlycan, an innovative MS/MS data analysis tool.
S-Matrix Corporation Fusion Method Development Software from S-Matrix streamlines LC method development by automating this process with Water’s ACQUITY UPLC and Empower 3 Chromatography data software.
STARLIMS STARLIMS is a comprehensive solution to manage lab processes, ensure regulatory compliance and promote effective knowledge management throughout the organization.

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