Nova-Pak Columns

Simplifying Scale-up from Analytical to Prep

The bonded phases of Nova-Pak® Chromatography Columns are available in 4µm and 6 µm particle sizes that offer high resolution as well as faster and more efficient chromatography. The smaller particle size in conjunction with shorter column lengths can be used to reduce solvent consumption with maintaining resolution for complex mixtures. Analytical columns with 4µm particle size packing are available in 75, 150 and 300 mm length steel columns. Steel cartridge columns with reusable endfittings are available in 50, 100, 150 and 250 mm lengths. Semi-preparative Prep Nova-Pak HR columns are packed with 6µm particle size packings provide an unparalleled range of separation possibilities. The high-efficiency packing of Prep Nova-Pak HR columns provides faster separations using less solvent with the added advantage of more concentrated fractions, all of which reduce preparative chromatography cost. All Nova-Pak columns are packed to stringent QC procedures in our cGMP manufacturing facility ensure batch-to-batch reproducibility.

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