MS Upgrades

Waters offers a range of MS hardware upgrades and sample inlet options that will improve your system's control and data acquisition functions, as well as increase its analytical capabilities and extend its operational lifetime.


Heaters Transfer Line APGC v2.0 Increase the analytical capabilities and productivity of your APGC enabled Waters Mass spectrometer by converting to APGC v2.0.
Crylas Laser Head Spatial Resolution Upgrade Replace your existing laser 200Hz or 1 KHz laser with a 2.5KHz high repetition rate solid state laser system, offering a smaller spot size (avg 60µm) and reduced ablation times for MALDI Imaging experiments.
SYNAPT MS/MALDI SYNAPT MS – HDMS upgrade SYNAPT MS series - HDMS upgrade Upgrade your SYNAPT™ MS series instrument to full HDMS™ capability to benefit from high efficiency ion mobility separations.
MALDI Source: SYNAPT G2 MS/HDMS series instruments SYNAPT G2 MS/HDMS™ series instruments upgraded with a MALDI source system provide the uncompromised exact mass characterization of compounds using MALDI-MS, MALDI-MS/MS, and MALDI-MS/IMS/MS (HDMS only) analyses.
ionKey UPLC Microflow Source Upgrade The ionKey UPLC microflow source provides high sensitivity, quantitative, sample-limited analyses through direct non-split operation via an easy to use iKey separations device.
Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) Upgrade Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) Upgrade When analyzing post-translational modifications and top-down sequencing of Biomolecules are all important, Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) provides a unique solution.
NanoLockSpray Exact Mass Ionization  Source NanoLockSpray Exact Mass Ionization Source The NanoLockSpray™ dual electrospray ion source accessory with optimized co-introduction of analyte and lock mass compounds provides authenticated exact mass measurement in NanoFlow™ LC/MS and LC/MS/MS modes of operation.
Atmospheric Pressure GC Atmospheric Pressure GC Source The Atmospheric Pressure GC (APGC) source field upgrade allows laboratories to extend the capabilities of their LC-MS analytical instrumentation, by incorporating the ability to perform AP GC-MS on a single MS platform.
Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe The Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe is a useful tool for the rapid direct analysis of volatile and semi-volatile solid and liquid samples using atmospheric pressure ionisation.
LCT Premier/LCT Premier XE:  Edwards XDS Dry Vacuum Scroll Pump Conversion Edwards XDS Dry Vacuum Scroll Pump Conversion Provides a clean, dry, and lubricant-free vacuum and environmentally superior alternative to the standard oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump.
IonSABRE APCI Probe Accessory IonSABRE APCI Probe Accessory APCI is an effective method for analyzing lower-polarity compounds. The high-efficiency IonSABRE™ APCI probe offers significant improvements in sensitivity compared with earlier versions of probe, particularly at higher liquid flow rates.
LockSpray Exact Mass Ionization Source LockSpray Exact Mass Ionization Source The LockSpray™ dual electrospray ion source optimizes the co-introduction of analyte and lock mass compound directly into the ion source, providing authenticated exact mass measurement in MS and MS/MS modes.