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Waters empowers scientists all over the world with the most advanced analytical technology available. A financing solution with Waters Capital allows you to maximize your financial resources and access the technology you need to advance your science.

Waters Capital can provide payment plan options to meet your needs.

Our industry experts will help you maximize resources and minimize risk with an attainable cost-of-use. This is true partnership at work with a highly responsive team focused on meeting your scientific goals behind the latest innovations, technologies, and expertise.

*Not available in all regions. Contact your local Waters representative for details.

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Advantages of financing with Waters Capital

A single source solution for laboratory technology, funding and equipment management.

Optimize use of capital resources

  • Maximize access to new technology regardless of budget cycles
  • Leverage vendor financing to manage asset lifecycle

Improve cash flow forecasting

  • Manage large acquisitions with predictable monthly payments

Speed up your Return on Investment

  • Payments start after installation
  • ROI calculation based on monthly payment amount

Establish strategic replacement plan

  • Increase lab performance and reduce system downtime



FlexCAPITAL Lab Solutions

  • All-inclusive monthly payment plan to support continuous laboratory operations
  • Control cost, optimize performance and protect against technology obsolescence
  • Accelerate ROI with monthly payments versus large capex
  • Eliminate unanticipated maintenance expenses and reduce downtime

Keep your lab at the forefront of science with the
Waters FlexUp Technology Renewal Program.



Finance   Technology
 Spread payments
over time to improve
cash flow
Maintain the highest
MS performance
with a scheduled upgrade 
 Managed approach to
equipment usage and
 Customize payment
structure to match
your budget needs
Managed technology
replacement protects
against obsolescence
Comprehensive structure
including equipment
and service
Flexible term options
of 1-5 years
Flexible end of term
Equipment refreshed
at end of term
Finance equipment,
and service plans
Improve cash flow
and speed ROI
Improve performance
and reduce
equipment downtime


To find the solution that is right for you contact Jonathan Bennett or Richard Styles (Europe) at Waters Capital:

Jonathan_Bennett@waters.com or 508.482.8206

Richard_Styles@waters.com or (0) 208 238 6100  


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FlexUp Brochure FlexUP Technology Renewal Program

With FlexUP, you benefit from ongoing seamless upgrades to our latest LC and mass spec instrumentation and software. This brochure outlines the ways that FlexUp keeps you at the forefront of science.
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