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Making science more accessible.

Waters empowers scientists all over the world with the most advanced analytical technology available. What you may not know is that, through Waters Capital, pushing the boundaries of science is more accessible than ever before.

From start-ups and academic institutions to CROs, government, and the Fortune 500, Waters Capital offers a variety of flexible capital, financing, and licensing options, customized for what your laboratory needs today and tomorrow.

Waters Captial provides:

  • Access to innovation
  • Financial flexibility
  • Expert responsiveness

Your vision is our mission. Waters Capital can make it possible.

Our industry experts will help you maximize resources and minimize risk with an attainable cost-of-use. This is true partnership at work, with a highly responsive team focused on meeting your scientific goals behind the latest innovations, technologies, and expertise.


Make sure that your laboratory is always up-to-date and serviced by certified technicians.

Your technology will keep up with the pace of new innovations - with plans typically lasting 2-4 years in duration, you'll have consistent access to the latest developments in instrumentation.

At the end of the initial term, you'll have the option to upgrade, return, or extend your payment plan. Working together with Waters, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate your current instrument
  • Consider the available technology
  • Determine the best course of action for you and your laboratory




Funding challenges can make it difficult to acquire leading technology. Waters Capital can offer a variety
of solutions to maximize limited resources.

Solutions include:

Bridge financing
Tailored financing terms structured around your funding or budget cycles.

Operating leases
Qualified operating leases to enable flexibility, lower the total cost of use, and satisfy specific grant requirements.

Face the task of maintaining a competitive advantage while managing cash flow.

Solutions include:

Long term financing
Spread the payment of your instrument over time. Waters Capital offers competitive financing rates from 36-72 months.

Step Payments
Defer or delay initial monthly payments to match the cost of the instrument with incoming revenue.

Attempting to stretch budgets as far as possible, while accessing the latest technologies can be very difficult for development stage companies.

Solutions include:

Venture financing
Financing arrangements backed by Waters Corporation to partner with our customers.

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