Glycan Profiling Solutions

Glycoprotein Profiling of Intact Proteins A rapid workflow that shows the profile of the intact protein's glycoform.
Middle-up/Middle-down Protein Subunit Analysis A fast workflow that separates the protein's heavy and light chains, or uses IdeS digestion, to see post-translational modifications of the glycoprotein such as oxidation.
Glycopeptide Mapping In glycopeptide mapping workflow, UPLC HILIC/TUV/MS preserves information about glycan heterogeneity and site occupancy.
Released Glycan Analysis with RapiFluor-MS Released Glycan Analysis For released N-glycan monitoring and characterization, Waters offers comprehensive, workflow-based solutions. Welcome to the future of streamlined sample preparation and information-rich analysis of released glycans.
Monosaccharide Composition Analysis Monosaccharide profiling is commonly used as an orthogonal technique to released glycan analysis for confirming glycan composition.

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