Modern polymer chemistry demands a modern polymer characterization solution:


With new polymeric materials requiring advanced characterization, traditional methods such as gel permeation chromatography (GPC) or size exclusion chromatography (SEC) are no longer enough for scientists to obtain the data robustness/assay sensitivity, navigate increasing sample diversity, and achieve the higher throughput required to ensure the efficacy of materials and maintain stringent regulatory standards.  

Drive innovation with better polymer characterization:

  • System versatility: Combine with diverse detection techniques, including refractive index, UV/Visible, photodiode array, evaporative light scattering, multi-angle light scattering, and viscometry. And wide ranging solvent compatibility supports the harsh separation conditions associated with polymer analyses.

  • Higher resolution: Size-based separations using sub 3-um, rigid, high-pore volume ACQUITY APC columns paired with the ultra low system dispersion of the ACQUITY APC System

  • Greater productivity: Run times are 5-20X faster than traditional GPC/SEC and automation of both solvent selection between up to 6 solvents and column bank switching yields the world’s first truly automated solution for methods development of size-based polymer separations. 



Scientists around the world are discovering how ACQUITY APC can help them keep pace with modern polymer chemistry challenges. See how.


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