Software Plans

Protect Your Software Investment

Our Empower, MassLynx, NuGenesis, waters_connect and ChromScope Software Service Plans offer:

  • Updates to the latest version of software with product enhancements for greater efficiency and productivity
  • Priority telephone support from knowledgeable technical professionals
  • Online access to Customer Reported Issues and email notifications* by adding your support plan ID to your profile
    (To add your support plan ID: Log in to your Waters account, enter your profile, and select “Support Plans” in the left-hand menu)
  • Discounts on courses for reduced training costs
  • Exclusive access to tips, techniques, technical and release notes, service packs, and troubleshooting guides that ensure you get answers to your questions quickly
  • Simplify budgeting with fixed costs

*Email notifications available for Empower only

Additionally, you can save more than 40% with annual plan renewals!

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