Clinical Diagnostics Informatics Solutions

Transforming Data into Better Care

Secure acquisition, analysis, and information management in a clinical environment are critical to maintaining regulatory compliance and providing the most reliable results. 

Our suite of informatics offerings are designed to help you simplify and streamline the LC-MS/MS data workflow with secure sample traceability – all the way from the primary tube to uploading the results to your laboratory information management system.

Integrate with automated liquid handlers for seamless data tracking and transfer of sample worklists
Connect to third party LIMS providers for ease of result reporting
Control laboratory compliance and ease of use with enhanced security
Improve result reviewing with fast data acquisition and processing

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Mass Spectrometry Software to Facilitate LC-MS Analysis in Clinical Laboratories Acquire, analyze and manage data in a clinical environment and increase the speed at which you convert your samples into valuable knowledge.
OMNI-Lab Newborn Screening LIMS Newborn screening laboratories are trusted with accurately, reliably, and quickly performing life-saving tests during the first days of a baby’s life. Learn how we can help with our OMNI-Lab NBS LIMS.