Call It What You Want...

"UHPLC, X-LC, RSLC, HT LC, HRES LC, UFLC, Ultra High-Speed LC, Fast LC, EXPRESSLC, High Speed LC, RRLC..."

Call it what you want. Nothing delivers proven performance like ACQUITY UPLC.

Can you risk choosing an unproven technology? With thousands of UPLC® systems and UPLC columns delivered worldwide, see why the world's top-branded companies and institutions have standardized on ACQUITY UPLC®: the fastest-growing new LC platform in the market for five years running.

It's time for you to know the difference. Arrange for a discussion with a Waters expert who will show you the scientific and business benefits only attainable with UPLC:

  • The first - and only - system that provides a true no-compromise approach to attaining the best in resolution, sensitivity, and speed
  • The industry-standard inlet to MS
  • Offers the widest range of application-specific solutions
  • The largest selection of column configurations and chemistries
  • 95% less solvent use, the lowest of all LCs today
  • Exclusive interactive scientific forum with the ACQUITY UPLC Online Community

Why wait when you can get the best in chromatographic and organizational efficiencies right now?


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