Acrylamide Analysis Kits

Kits for the extraction and cleanup of acrylamide in processed foods prior to LC-MS/MS analysis

The Acrylamide Analysis Starter and Refill Kits include consumables for the extraction, cleanup and separation of acrylamide from processed foods by LC-MS/MS. These kits provide you with a simple workflow, supporting your method development. 

Starter kits include the chromatographic column and consumables for the preparation of 100 samples. Refill kits contain the necessary consumables for 100 additional samples. 

  • DisQuE Pouches – pre-weighed salts for analyte extraction
  • DisQuE dSPE Cleanup Tubes - pre-weighed salts and sorbent for sample cleanup
  • ACQUITY or XSelect HSS C18 column - for excellent separation and resolution by either UPLC or UHPLC
  • Oasis MCX Cartridges - for matrix removal and analyte concentration
  • TruView LCMS Certified Vials - designed and certified for use with LC-MS/MS systems
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Determination of Acrylamide in Processed Foods
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