Academic Support Program

Waters Academic Support Program

As a global leader in technological innovation, Waters is partnering with some of the world's most influential scientists and institutions.  Our belief is simple ─ by connecting expert analytical scientists with state-of-the art technologies ─ the result is inspired thinking that converts ideas into reality.

With greater competition for a shrinking pool of funding, academic laboratories must operate more efficiently while being technically competitive.

How can Waters assist you?

Waters Academic Support Program:



Or contact our Inside Instrument Sales team at (800) 252-HPLC x7943 or at to discuss your technology needs.

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Academic Preferred Pricing on Consumables Working in Academia?

Then you'll receive Waters Preferred Pricing... a 20% discount on your consumable products order! From LC columns to sample prep, vials, filters, standards & reagents, and workflow analytical kits like GlycoWorks & ProteinWorks. Discount will be applied to cart at checkout.
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Centers of Innovation

Leading scientists, in partnership with Waters, are using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry to unlock the mysteries of science.
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Biopharmaceutical Lexicon

Provides definitions for common biopharmaceutical terminology and techniques
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