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UPLC Performance: Now More Accessible than Ever

One of the most significant developments in separations science in the past decade has been the introduction of Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography, known as UPLC®.

Why UPLC? At Waters, we listened to our customers and recognized that HPLC throughput was limiting your efficiency. Laboratories using HPLC couldn't keep pace with the urgency of business demands to analyze more samples, faster, and with better results. So we invented an entirely new category of chromatographic performance.

What is UPLC? UPLC is the result of holistic innovation that simultaneously re-engineered LC particle technology, column design, injectors, pumps, and detectors. The increased performance of sub-2-μm hybrid columns, used in conjunction with the ACQUITY UPLC® System's specialized ability to deliver mobile phase at high pressures with low dispersion, preserves the chromatographic benefits of such small-particle chemistries — producing sharper and more concentrated peaks. ACQUITY UPLC increases your throughput and reduces solvent use without compromising analytical results.

Today, Waters provides an ever-growing family of ACQUITY UPLC Systems with one goal in mind: delivering improvements in analytical resolution and sensitivity that give you the confidence that your goals can be met, for any application.

Now every laboratory can leverage the very best in LC performance.

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