SYNAPT XS High Resolution Mass Spectrometer

Without discovery, decisions are made in the dark

In the arena of scientific discovery, the slow pace of advancement and escalating costs of research can prove to be a challenge. The SYNAPT XS mass spectrometer shatters these barriers by providing ultimate flexibility and greater freedom of analytical choice to support scientific creativity and technical success for any application.

  • Novel technology building blocks deliver cutting-edge analytical performance
  • SONAR and HDMSE provide a unique toolkit for interrogating complex mixtures
  • Ion mobility multiplies peak capacity and selectivity of analysis
  • CCS measurements increase security of compound identification
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Video: DIA Legacy VIDEO: SYNAPT XS & the Legacy of DIA

As of 2020, Waters has over two decades of involvement in introducing, developing, and commercializing modes of data independent acquisition (DIA), culminating in the technologies deployed in the SYNAPT XS. Join us as we revisit the advances in DIA.
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CCS Prediction Application Note: Investigation and Performance Evaluation of a Research Prototype Tool for CCS Prediction

With its ease-of-use, flexibility and speed, CCS prediction is a highly useful tool to provide reference and guidance for qualitative analysis.
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Q&A with Dr. Gaetan Glauser Neuchâtel University Selects SYNAPT XS For Plant Metabolomics

Dr. Gaétan Glauser, a senior scientist at Neuchâtel found the SYNAPT XS’s versatility and high performance to be a perfect match for the facility’s research.
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IMS website #SayYEStoIMS

Learn about IMS-MS with informative blogs, inspirational videos, the latest research papers, application notes and more at the new IMS Hub.
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DESI XS DESI™ XS: Designed to Deliver

Deployable across the Waters HRMS portfolio, the DESI XS source DESI XS is a foundation upon which the next generation of developments in Waters DESI MS imaging will be built, future proofing MS imaging needs.
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