DisQuE, QuEChERS Sample Preparation Products

QuEChERS Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction

Dispersive solid phase extraction (d-SPE) analysis is a simple and straightforward sample preparation technique suitable for a wide variety of food and agricultural products. One specific method which has become popular is the QuEChERS technique which was created to facilitate the rapid screening of large numbers of food and agricultural samples for pesticide residues. Waters DisQuE d-SPE products include conveniently-packaged centrifuge tubes and foil pouches containing pre-weighed sorbents and buffers for use with both the Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC) and European Committee for Standardization (CEN) QuEChERS methods. Waters QuEChERS kits make sample prep quick and easy for multi-residue analysis in food and agricultural products.  

Compared to traditional sample preparation techniques, DisQuE solutions offer:

  • Decreased time spent on sample preparation
  • Efficient and cost effective sample preparation
  • Reliable, high-quality product in a convenient format
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