Atmospheric Pressure GC Source

Perform AP GC-MS on a Single MS Platform

Extend the capabilities of your LC-MS analytical instrumentation with a Waters Atmospheric Pressure GC (APGC) Source field upgrade. The upgrade makes analytical instrumentation more universally applicable by incorporating the ability to perform AP GC-MS on a single MS platform. It delivers the flexibility to analyze volatile and semi-volatile compounds of low and intermediate polarity, traditionally analyzed by dedicated vacuum GC-MS instruments.

The electrospray source is interchanged with the APGC system in a simple operation that takes less than five minutes to complete. Once in place, the APGC source interfaced to a standard Agilent 8890 capillary GC chromatograph delivers robust high sensitivity GC-MS/MS data.

Now updated to include APGC v2.0 allowing:

  • Accurate quantification of difficult chromatographic compounds
  • Excellent repeatability over long analytical runs
  • Consistent and optimal gas flows across chromatographic range
  • Improved performance for fast GC runs

APGC v2.0 is a new product and is designed to meet the demands of users analysing challenging GC compounds including, PAHs, dioxins/furans, brominated flame retardants and hydrocarbons. Consistent high quality chromatography is retained over a longer period of time. For users who throughput is an issue, improved performance for fast GC runs are available, combined with the ability to increase column flow and fast acquisition of modern MS systems, fast GC runs are available to all APGC users.

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