Protein Separations

The development and successful commercialization of protein-based biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic reagents frequently depends on the ability to adequately characterize these complex biomolecules. Waters columns and methods can help solve your protein separation and characterization challenges. Waters technology utilizes reversed-phase, ion-exchange, hydrophilic-interaction, and size-exclusion chromatography modes for peptide separation applications such as the analysis and purification of synthetic peptides, the characterization of complex proteolytic digests, and bioanalysis. These orthogonal separation techniques help provide the critical characterization data and isolated material required to produce the next generation drug.

Protein Columns Chromatographic modes for the analysis and purification of proteins include reversed-phase, ion-exchange, hydrophobic-interaction, and size-exclusion.
Protein Standards Enhance and validate protein applications performed on UPLC, HPLC, or LC-MS instrumentation
ProteinWorks Introducing ProteinWorks Sample Preparation Kits, allowing you to achieve reproducible, sensitive, and standardized protein quantification.

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XBridge Protein SEC HPLC Columns

NEW columns for high resolution size-exclusion HPLC protein separations
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