Oligonucleotides Separations

Waters oligonucleotide separation technology delivers exceptional sample resolution and superior column life. In addition, Waters manufacturing and quality control testing procedures help ensure consistent batch-to-batch and column-to-column performance regardless of application demands. Chromatography of synthetic oligonucleotides and DNA / RNA species of less than approximately 12,000 base pairs can be satisfactorily performed using reversed-phase or ion-exchange gradient techniques capable of resolving sample components based on minor changes in size (i.e., charge). 

DNA/RNA Oligonucleotide Separations Waters oligonucleotide columns contain second-generation, hybrid-silica BEH Technology particles functionalized with C18.
Oligonucleotides Standards & Kits Optimize and verify oligonucleotide applications performed on UPLC, HPLC, or LC-MS instrumentation.
Gen-Pak FAX Columns Gen-Pak FAX Columns contain a weak anion-exchanger based on DEAE functionalized non-porous resin. These columns are well suited for analytical and micro-preparative applications of synthetic oligonucleotides, DNA/RNA fragments and plasmids.
Oasis Sample Extraction Products Meet your sample preparation needs, from simple matrix clean-up to more complex sample preparation challenges, with Oasis SPE products. Research our Oasis Solid-Phase Extraction plates and cartridges.

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