Glycan Analysis Solutions

Bringing together complementary techniques to streamline glycan analysis, Waters offers complete, workflow-based approaches for analyzing glycoproteins at all structural levels.

  • Glycoprotein profiling
  • Released glycan characterization and monitoring
  • Middle up/down
  • Subunit analysis
  • Monosaccharide/Sialic acid composition
  • Glycopeptide mapping

Glycan Columns Choose the most appropriate LC-based technology to address your specific glycan analysis needs and laboratory instrumentation.
Glycan Standard & Kits Specifically formulated reference standards and high-quality reagents that help you benchmark and perform glycan applications using a variety of derivitazation labeling techniques or non-labeling column chemistries on any LC-MS system.
GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS N-Glycan Kit Conventional sample prep techniques for N-glycans can be time-consuming or require compromises in sensitivity. This limits the throughput or detail in which glycoproteins can be characterized or monitored. An innovative label solves those limitations.