Amino Acid Analysis Solutions

Amino Acid Analysis Application Solutions for Accurate Amino Acid Composition Analysis for HPLC, UHPLC and UPLC

Accurate identification and quantification of amino acids in biological research and in the development and commercialization of food, beverage, and biotherapeutics are challenging.  LC-based analyses are further complicated by the absence of chromophores on many of the amino acids of interest thus frequently necessitating the use of derivatization methods for optical detection.

Waters offers three distinctively reliable methods for accurate amino acid analyses.  All three utilize pre-column derivatization methods followed by reversed-phase chromatography with on-line detection of well resolved peaks using either UV absorbance or fluorescence detection.

  • PicoTag and AccQTag amino acid analysis methods, for HPLC or UHPLC-based analyses, include necessary reagents, standards, proven methods, and specifically QC tested columns to help users obtain accurate information.
  • UPLC Amino Acid Solution is a turnkey option for UPLC users composed of AccQTag Ultra reagents, standards and column chemistries with robust methods based on the ACQUITY UPLC system.

AccQ•Tag Ultra, AccQ•Tag and Pico•Tag Columns UPLC, UHPLC, and HPLC-based columns, pre-column derivitization reagents, and methods for accurate and reproducible amino acid analysis.
Amino Acid Analysis The UPLC Amino Acid Analysis Solution is a comprehensive package that combines instrumentation, chemistries, reagents, and performance-qualified methods for turn-key application success.
Amino Acid Analysis Standards & Kits Enable your laboratory to obtain accurate amino acid composition from proteins and peptides with HPLC and UPLC.

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