Empower 3 Software Upgrade Request

Upgrade from Millennium, Empower and Empower 2

If your Millennium, Empower or Empower 2 Software is under a Waters Software Maintenance Contract, you are entitled to receive the latest version of software media at no additional cost.*

You will be guided through a series of questions about your current configuration to assure that you receive the software, options, and licenses needed for your upgrade.

Please complete the registration process for each standalone or network product that is covered under your Waters Software Maintenance Contract.

Before you begin:

Once you have completed the steps above, proceed to the Online Upgrade Request Tool.

NOTE: Upgrading from Millennium32 2.X or 3X installed on a Powerstation or Client/Server platform, contact your local Waters office.

Empower Software deployments including Hitachi LC, Shimadzu LC and Shimadzu GC Systems.

Waters has implemented comprehensive license control capabilities for Hitachi LC, Shimadzu LC and Shimadzu GC systems. These license controls will ensure that all Hitachi LC, Shimadzu LC and Shimadzu GC systems are properly licensed before the system is available for control within the Empower Software.  View more information.

Don't miss any future software updates with Waters' Software Support and Maintenance Plan
To ensure easy access to future releases, Waters strongly recommends the purchase of a Software Support and Maintenance plan. Software Support and Maintenance Plans are a cost-effective protection plan for your software product while maximizing the value of your investment with FREE software upgrades.

For more information about purchasing a Software Support and Maintenance Plan, please contact your local Waters representative.

*Please Note: Any costs associated with installation, re-qualification, validation, operating system upgrades and database backup drives will NOT be covered by Waters.