CSH (Charged Surface Hybrid) Technology

CSH (Charged Surface Hybrid) Technology


The 1.7 µm Charged Surface Hybrid (CSH™) particle is Waters third generation hybrid particle technology. Based on Waters Ethylene Bridged Hybrid (BEH) particle technology, CSH particles incorporate a low level surface charge that improves sample loadability and peak asymmetry in low-ionic-strength mobile phases, while maintaining the mechanical and chemical stability inherent in the BEH particle technology.

The advantages of CSH Technology UPLC chromatography columns include:

  • Superior peak shape for basic compounds
  • Increased loading capacity
  • Rapid column equilibration after changing mobile-phase pH
  • Improved batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Exceptional stability at low and high pH

Click here for Waters new CSH130 columns for peptide separations.

CSH particle technology is also available in HPLC particle sizes (3.5 and 5 µm) in the XSelect™ family of HPLC columns, enabling seamless transfer between HPLC and UPLC® technology platforms.


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