Compare Instrument Service Plans

 Basic Assurance Plan1
Control Costs
Performance Maintenance Plan
Maximize Uptime
Total Assurance Plan
High Performance
Risk Sharing Plan
Manage Expense
Premier Assurance Plan1
High Performance with Service History
Priority Onsite Support  yyGuaranteed
Telephone Supportyyyyy
Annual Performance Maintenance yyyy
Waters Quality PartsRepair Parts2 Performance Maintenance Kit yPerformance Maintenance Kit and
discount for other parts  
Labor and Travel Repair Calls2 Performance Maintenance Visit yPerformance Maintenance Visit and
discount for other calls
Additional Performance Maintenance and Ion Source Cleaning  OptionalOptionalOptional
Connections INSIGHTOptionalOptionalyOptionaly
Discount Hardware Upgrades  yyy
Firmware Updates yyyy
Discounted Customer Education  y y
Service History Tracking    y

1Where available. Contact your local Waters office for details.

2 Excludes all maintenance parts and the labor to install them.