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Course List Ireland

This is the complete list of Waters Educational Courses offered in Ireland. If you are interested in a course that is not currently scheduled or would like to learn more about on-site training please email

750000568 Empower 3 Fundamentals using the Pro Interface
750000569 Empower 3 Software Advanced Topics
750000577 Using the PDA detector with Empower 3
750000578 Empower 3 Method Validation Manager Software
750000581 Empower 3 Software using the software in a regulated/audited environment
750000631 Reviewing Data Electronically with Empower
750000634 Empower 3 Fundamentals of the Quickstart Interface
750000635 Empower 3 Software Fundamentals of the Pro Interface
750000153 OpenLynx Software Training
750000357 QuanLynx & TargetLynx Application Manager Training
750000358 MetaboLynx
750000359 Open Access Login application Manager Training
750000473 MarkerLynx
750000536 ChromaLynx XS


 750000738 NuGenesis 8 SDMS Administration
Additional Lab informatics courses delivered in other training center can be displayed by selecting European course list
750000327 Acquity UPLC for lab Practitioners
750000328 Maintaining the Acquity UPLC
750000523 Acquity UPLC H-Class for lab Practitioners
750000524 Maintaining Acquity UPLC H-Class
750000551 Acquity UPLC H-Class Bio for lab practitioners
750000552 Maintaining Acquity UPC H-Class Bio
750000607 Acquity UPLC I-Class for lab Practitioners
750000608 Maintaining Acquity UPLC I-Class
750000623 Acquity UPC² for lab Practitioners
750000905 Acquity ARC System Operation Diagnostic and Method Transfer
750000906 Acquity ARC System Operation and Maintenance
750000923 Acquity ARC System Operation and Diagnostic
Operation Maintenance
750000427 Alliance Startup and Diagnostics
MS Technologies
750000833 Using ACQUITY QDa with Empower
 General Chromatographie
750000168 Troubleshooting common HPLC problems
750000463 Fundamentals of HPLC, Theory Only
General Chromatography
Mass Spectrometry
Operation and Maintenance



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