Arc Premier and ACQUITY Arc Systems

The Arc Premier System and ACQUITY Arc System are optimized to provide the flexibility, accuracy, and robustness required to bridge the gap between HPLC and UHPLC, streamline method development, and perform both complicated and routine analysis.

ACQUITY Arc System Easily accepts and replicates methods from any HPLC platform, without compromise. A versatile, modern LC system that delivers HPLC and UHPLC method compatibility at the flip of a switch.
Arc Premier System For customers who to need to confidently produce the most accurate, reliable, and reproducible data, the Arc Premier System provides right first time robust results from the very first injection, reliably and easily.
ACQUITY Arc Bio System ACQUITY Arc Bio System keeps large molecules intact and on the move, for better sample recovery and minimal carryover, whether the chromatographic mode is reversed phase (RP), ion exchange (IEX), size exclusion (SEC), or hydrophobic interaction (HIC).
ACQUITY Arc Multi-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography (MDLC) System ACQUITY Arc MDLC Systems offer highly repeatable and accurate multi-dimensional HPLC separation performance of your complex samples. Achieve high speed, sensitivity, and excellent resolution with simple configurations.