Empower Chromatography Data System

Empower your chromatography with the universal language of the lab

Empower Software, our flagship chromatography data system (CDS), makes it easier than ever to run samples and produce meaningful results without experiencing downtime for training, re-engineering workflow, or adding new software to support instruments or advanced chromatographic techniques. 

Our versatile, easy-to-use software will increase your productivity, as well as:

  • Minimize training and transaction costs with intuitive and configurable user interfaces
  • Eliminate the need for manual recordkeeping
  • Support compliance and security requirements
  • Improve your information management, storage, and data mining capabilities
  • Refine your processes with method development and validation management tools
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Empower Software can grow to meet your laboratory's changing needs - it is easily scalable from a single workstation to an enterprise-wide network.




Empower Chromatography Data System Waters’ flagship chromatography data system (CDS) provides enhanced tools for the chromatographer, non-chromatographer, administrators, and IT.
Empower Cloud Empower Cloud enables you to simplify deployments and upgrades, reduce complexity, improve compliance, and achieve the scale and speed your organization needs without capital investment.​
Empower Lab Management System (LMS) Empower LMS combines the functionality of Empower and NuGenesis into a single dashboard for a more integrated and compliance-ready approach to workflows and product management.
Empower Business Continuity (BC) LAC/E Empower Business Continuity (BC) LAC/E with SecureSync keeps your laboratory operations running with a simple switch from Empower Enterprise mode to Business Continuity mode
Empower Data Science Link Empower Data Science Link, powered by TetraScience, is a cloud-based application that will enable you to unlock new discoveries in your Empower data to gain a deeper understanding of your current reality or using Data Science to predict the future.
Empower Method Validation Manager (MVM) Developing methods that are fit for life is simplified with Empower Method Validation Manager (MVM). The MVM option for Empower organizes and streamlines the entire method validation process, from start to finish.​
Discontinuance of Support for IEEE Instrument Control IEEE-controlled instruments are on limited support as of December 31, 2018. This communication provides detailed information on how discontinuance will impact you if you use IEEE instrument control beyond Empower 3 Feature Release 5, Service Release 4.
Empower Instrument Control and Drivers In addition to supporting Waters innovative LC portfolio we also partner with a variety of instrument vendors to provide you with the versatility you need for your business.
Empower Inventory Viewer Empower Inventory Viewer allows you to view a visual map of the systems and modules that are installed on your Empower Enterprise for a clear overview when planning upgrades or changes to your Empower environment.