Manufacturers are under increasing competitive pressure to produce high quality, differentiated products while simultaneously controlling costs. To ensure profitability and growth, organizations must seek the latest laboratory technologies to expand product portfolios, implement new production processes, and rapidly deliver customer support.

Waters comprehensive solutions for the characterization of chemical materials help manufacturers cost-effectively accelerate the development of new products, improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes, and ensure final product quality. Solutions include sample preparation, LC columns, Advanced Polymer Chromatography (APC), liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and data analysis software.

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Agrochemicals Innovative analytical solutions for the agrochemical development process including Synthetic Chemistry, Purification, Formulation, Trace Detection, and Metabolite ID.
Cosmetics & Personal Care Products With Waters, personal care and cosmetics manufacturers now have the tools to protect their revenues, their consumers’ health, and their brand’s integrity.
Consumer Products Testing The analytical testing of consumer products is a critical step towards ensuring the safety of end users, maintaining product quality and protecting the brand and revenue of manufacturers.
Extractables & Leachables Waters provides a wide range of technologies that enable accurate, rapid and cost effective identification of extractable, leachable and NIAS contaminants.
Fine and Specialty Chemicals Fine and specialty chemical applications include R&D of new compounds, process monitoring and manufacturing QC and troubleshooting customer applications.
Polymers Polymers Waters provides a broad range of technologies for the characterization of polymers and polymer additives including Advanced Polymer Chromatography (APC), GPC, HPLC, UPLC, UPC2, quadrupole and ToF MS, as well as ion mobility enabled Tof MS.
Fuel and Energy Traditional industries based on fossil fuels like petroleum, together with new, alternative energy sources such as biofuels, require analytical technologies to support extraction and generation, refining and production processes.
Chemical R&D Research and Development Application areas for Waters chemical R&D solutions include structural elucidation, profiling and comparison of samples, isolation of compounds, and impurity identification.
Product Support Product Support Waters unique UPLC and UPLC/MS/MS technologies provide the analytical tools necessary to comprehensively probe the composition and structure of chemical materials.
Production and Manufacturing QA/QC Applications for Waters UPLC, UPLC-MS, UPLC-MS/MS, and UPC2 solutions include raw material & consistency testing, in-process monitoring, composition and label claim verification, and authenticity and origin determination.
Chemical Materials Applications See the proof in a range of document about how Triwave technology can help you see more of what's in your sample including confirming/characterizing with cross section measurements and isomer and conformer separation.