ACQUITY UPLC® optical and mass detectors complement and enhance the high-efficiency separations of ACQUITY UPLC Systems, allowing you to analyze a wide variety of compounds.

Optical detectors are optimized for our advanced UPLC® analytical techniques, featuring low dispersion characteristics, simple operation, and high data-acquisition rates – as well as cost-effective maintenance, support and parts.

ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector ACQUITY QDa Detector is a mass detector built around the needs of analytical scientists for chromatographic analysis. Robust, reliable and requiring no sample adjustments, it integrates with your current LC, ACQUITY UPLC, UPC2 and purification systems.
ACQUITY UPLC PDA Detector Allows you to detect and quantify lower concentrations of sample analytes and compare spectra across wavelengths and broad concentration ranges.
ACQUITY UPLC PDA eλ Detector Quantitative compounds with visible wavelength maxima up to 800 nm and achieve higher sensitivity levels with high resolution spectra for peak identification and purity analysis.
ACQUITY UPLC Tunable UV Detector A dual-wavelength ultraviolet/visible detector optimized for UltraPerformance LC (UPLC). It offers optimal linearity, resolution and sensitivity for UPLC/UV separations.
ACQUITY UPLC FLR Detector Provides sensitive, selective detection for UPLC-based fluorescence applications.
ACQUITY UPLC Refractive Index Detector Low-dispersion detection for the isocratic analysis of analytes that lack a UV chromophore, such as in the analysis of polymers. Delivers high sensitivity, baseline stability and repeatable integration of narrow UPLC peaks.
ACQUITY UPLC ELS Detector Designed for optimal UPLC/ELS performance in a small footprint.