T-Wave Devices

The ability to place ion barriers wherever they are needed, at any desired height, and to remove them, or move them at any desired speed, provides total control of ions in a mass spectrometer.  StepWave, ScanWave and TriWave are T-Wave devices that add unique capabilities to Waters MS systems.

Travelling wave (T-Wave™) Travelling wave (T-Wave™) ion guides enable the precise manipulation of ions in a mass spectrometer in order to enhance sensitivity, selectivity, and analytical speed.
ScanWave Conventional tandem quadrupole mass spectrometers are primarily used only in MRM mode. With ScanWave technology, you can put TQ versatility to real, everyday use.
StepWave A unique, revolutionary off-axis ion source technology that delivers class leading UPLC-MS/MS sensitivity.
TriWave Conventional mass spectrometers separate on the basis of m/z. Triwave enables you to also separate on the basis of size and shape, dramatically enhancing sample definition.

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