Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging

Yield comprehensive results with combined imaging techniques

Unique to the SYNAPT XS and SELECT SERIES MRT, Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging (FSMI) represents a combination of advanced Mass Spectrometry (MS) imaging technologies, integrating DESI, MALDI, and ion mobility mass spectrometry through a dedicated imaging informatics solution. Waters’ FSMI system provides detailed molecular information that exceeds any single MS imaging technique currently available, delivering high quality, comprehensive, spatially resolved molecular information across a variety of application areas, and with the minimum of time and effort.

  • Discover, identify, and measure the spatial distribution of target or endogenous molecules
  • Perform imaging studies without the need for labelled probes
  • Effectively study a wide range of large and small molecules
  • Extract the maximum level of information from a single sample
  • Obtain definitive molecular distribution of key compounds.
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