Consumable savings today, application requirements tomorrow

New system purchases are complex, and deciding on the right consumables for your system at the time of purchase isn’t always ideal. You may want to involve the application owners. You might like more time to figure out your workflows with your laboratory team. Whatever your reason, you’d like the freedom and configurability to choose the best consumables for your lab when you’re ready.

With the Waters FlexCHEMISTRY Program, you will have the flexibility to decide what you need later, but still get your negotiated discount. It’s easy. Just decide what value voucher you would like to buy at the time of your system purchase. Vouchers are available in three different values, adjusted to match your location and currency. As long as you purchase the voucher at the same time as your system, the system discount will automatically be applied to the purchase price of the voucher as well. That means when you shop for the consumables you’re going to need in the future, you will have already saved money today.

Request Pricing

Placing your chemistry order with FlexCHEMISTRY

To begin placing an order using your new Voucher, please send an e-mail directly to your local Waters Customer Service team containing the following information:

  • Your Voucher Number
  • Product Information (description, part numbers, etc.)
  • Purchase Order Number (if applicable)
  • Your Company’s Information (Bill-To and Ship-To Address)

An Order Acknowledgement will be forwarded to you as soon as your order is placed. Upon shipment, a Shipping Notification will then be forwarded to you which includes the tracking number of your Voucher Order.