Empower 3 Software Advanced Topics

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Course Number:
16 November 2021 - 30 November 2021
Virtual Classroom
2,420.00 GBP

Dates for 2021

November: Day 1 Tuesday 16th, Day 2 Tuesday 23rd and Day 3 Tuesday 30th

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we will continue to deliver this course remotely.

Virtual Classroom – In the virtual classroom experience each user will be invited into a Microsoft Teams Meeting and ReadyTech Event session.  In the Teams Meeting the students will be able to speak with the instructor and other students and watch as the instructor provides live software demonstrations.  In the ReadyTech platform the students will access their own virtual Empower workstations, where they will be able to follow along with the instructor and simultaneously interact with the software.  The instructor can monitor progress on the student ReadyTech desktop and guide as necessary.  Invitations to both forums will be sent prior to the start of the class.  An internet connection and a computer system are required for this course.  The Teams and ReadyTech platforms are accessed through internet browser windows.

This intensive three-day course (spread over 3 weeks, one day per week) shows how to use many advanced features of Empower 3 chromatography software. The emphasis is on organising, acquiring, processing, and reporting chromatographic data. Additional topics include adding custom sample descriptions and creating custom calculations for chromatographic data. This instructor led hands-on computer course is for experienced Empower and Millennium³² chromatography software users.