Ultimative Kraft, ultimative Leistung. Definieren Sie die Grenzen der Wissenschaft neu.

Das SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS wurde in zielgerichteter Zusammenarbeit entwickelt und vereint die neue zyklische Ionenmobilitätstrennung mit modernster, leistungsstarker Time-of-Flight-Massenspektrometrie, damit führende Wissenschaftler das Potenzial der Forschung voll ausschöpfen können.
◾Erweitert die Grenzen der Ionenmobilitätstrennung
◾Ermöglicht variierbare Ionenmobilitätstrennungen mit hoher Auflösung
◾Bietet erstmals die einzigartige Möglichkeit, IMSn-Versuche durchzuführen.

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CCS Prediction Application Note: Investigation and Performance Evaluation of a Research Prototype Tool for CCS Prediction

With its ease-of-use, flexibility and speed, CCS prediction is a highly useful tool to provide reference and guidance for qualitative analysis.
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ASMS 2021 Explore New Frontiers Live at ASMS 2021

Come and say hello at Waters Booth #219 for ASMS 2021, live in Philadelphia from October 31 – November 4. We look forward to seeing you there!
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DESI XS DESI™ XS: Designed to Deliver

Deployable across the Waters HRMS portfolio, the DESI XS source DESI XS is a foundation upon which the next generation of developments in Waters DESI MS imaging will be built, future proofing MS imaging needs.
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Now Available On-demand: Virtual Mass Spectrometry Users Meeting 2021

Gain access to inspiring talks and learn about the latest developments in mass spectrometry. #ExploreFrontiers2021
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Select Series webinar ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Watch the on-demand webinar from Waters and SelectScience®, with Professor Ian Wilson from Imperial College London, and Professor Kostas Thalassinos from University College London, as they highlight the benefits of IM-MS for two different application areas.
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