LC-MS/MS In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices

As a leading clinical LC-MS/MS solutions partner, Waters is a trusted provider of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, consumables, informatics, and support services for high performance LC-MS/MS systems.

Waters medical devices are designed to optimize your laboratory’s workflow and span from pre-analytics (prep solutions), to analytics (LC to LC-MS/MS), to post-analytics (informatics). This ever-expanding and versatile system portfolio provides options as you implement LC-MS/MS for routine use in the clinical laboratory.

Integrating LC-MS/MS into the Clinical Laboratory

ACQUITY UPLC I-Class / Xevo TQ-XS IVD System Ultimate sensitivity and selectivity for the most challenging clinical diagnostic applications.
ACQUITY UPLC I-Class/Xevo TQ-S micro IVD System A robust and sensitive UPLC/tandem quadrupole MS with compact design, a wide dynamic range and high rates of data acquisition for the clinical laboratory
RenataDX Screening-System Das RenataDX Screening-System ist ein vollständig integrierbares Fließinjektions-Tandem-Massenspektrometrie (FIA-MS/MS) IVD-System für die Hochdurchsatz-Analyse von getrockneten Blutflecken.
ACQUITY UPLC I-Class / Xevo TQD IVD System Designed for routine quantitative LC-MS/MS applications, offering confident quantification and confirmation from challenging samples in the clinical environment.
ACQUITY UPLC I-Class / Xevo TQ-S IVD System With patented StepWave technology, our highest performance instrument provides the highest sensitivity to accurately quantify trace analytes in the most complex of matrices encountered in the clinical laboratory.
MassLynx (IVD) Mass Spectrometry Software with TargetLynx (IVD) Easy-to-use data acquisition and processing for LC-MS/MS analysis with software features to improve productivity in the clinical laboratory.
Verbrauchsmaterialien Waters IVD Säulen und Einsätze für LC-MS/MS Analysen in klinischen Laboren.
In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Waters manufactures an extensive portfolio of LC and MS in vitro diagnostic medical devices. What does this mean to you as a Waters customer?