Ion Sources

When you need to extract the maximum amount of information from a diverse range of compounds, you require the ultimate in ionization flexibility and performance.

Providing the highest performance, without compromise, the ionization source options are quick and easy to interchange enabling the widest range of ionization techniques to be utilized universally across a single analytical platform.

UniSpray Ion Source The UniSpray ion source enables ionization of a wider range of analytes in a single run, allowing you to spend less time changing sources and more time analyzing samples.
ionKey/MS Das ionKey/MS System integriert die UPLC-Trennung direkt in die Quelle des Massenspektrometers. Dadurch erreicht das LCMS-System eine Empfindlichkeit und Leistung, die auf andere Weise nicht erreicht werden kann.
Waters Atmosphärendruck-Gaschromatographie (APGC) Waters APGC ermöglicht GC-Anwendern den Zugang zu weiterführenden MS-Technologien, die für sie bislang nicht einfach verfügbar waren.
LockSpray Exact Mass Ionization Source The LockSpray™ dual electrospray ion source optimizes the co-introduction of analyte and lock mass compound directly into the ion source, providing authenticated exact mass measurement in MS and MS/MS modes.
NanoLockSpray Exact Mass Ionization Source The NanoLockSpray™ dual electrospray ion source accessory with optimized co-introduction of analyte and lock mass compounds provides authenticated exact mass measurement in NanoFlow™ LC/MS and LC/MS/MS modes of operation.
IonSABRE APCI Probe Accessory APCI is an effective method for analyzing lower-polarity compounds. The high-efficiency IonSABRE™ APCI probe offers significant improvements in sensitivity compared with earlier versions of probe, particularly at higher liquid flow rates.
Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe The Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe is a useful tool for the rapid direct analysis of volatile and semi-volatile solid and liquid samples using atmospheric pressure ionisation.
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