Resources to get your laboratory running

  • System Start Up Checklist
    Use this easy reference checklist to bring your systems back on-line after an extended shut down.
  • Application Notes
    Find the latest science or search our archive for the applications you need.
  • User Manuals
    Find the manual for your column or consumable.
  • System Quick Reference Cards
    Refer to these cards to get quick tips for your system.
  • System Operator Guides
    Find information on LC System startup, maintenance procedures, and shutdown.
  • Certificates of Analysis
    Enter the part number and serial number for your column to get your certificate.
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  • Safety Data Sheets
    Enter the part number and locate the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
Stay Tuned
Our upcoming webinar series designed to help you tackle some of the challenges you may face getting back into your laboratory.

COVID-19 coronavirus Sars-CoV-2

Are you a COVID-19 researcher?

Are you a COVID-19 researcher?

Get the latest news, applications, and customer resources in our COVID-19 Resource Hub.

Don't forget!
Be sure to check the expiration date on your standards.

Troubleshoot issues in the laboratory

With access to a knowledge base containing thousands of helpful tips and tricks, the information you need to quickly start-up, operate, and ensure the continued performance of your critical laboratory systems is always at your fingertips.

Services and solutions for your laboratory

Choose from a variety of services and programs aimed at helping you secure the tools you need to achieve your research and organizational goals including accuracy, efficiency, and reproducibility.

Looking for support for your system/software?

Restock your laboratory with ease

As you re-enter your laboratory some of your consumables may have expired or simply need replacing. Take advantage of our latest offers and discounts to help restock your supplies. If you already know what you need, simply use the Quick Order functionality and upload your order with ease.

Offers and Discounts
Take advantage of our latest deals.

If you need help finding the right product, we have tools to help. 

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