Who is the manufacturer of your system?

Which system are you using to analyze your samples?

Are you working with a limited sample volume?


Why is sample volume important?

Autosamplers include different injector needle designs, such as bottom or side draw, and are programmed to have the needle stop before the bottom of the vial, preventing needle damage and vial breakage. The needle design and final placement above the vial bottom leaves a residual volume of sample that is not accessible for injection. Some vials are designed for limited sample volume applications that give access to more of the sample. The amount of sample available and the need to access limited residual volume will therefore have a significant impact on the most appropriate vial to be used.

What type of detector will you be using to analyze your sample?


Why is using a mass spectrometer important?

Mass spectrometers are very powerful and sensitive analytical System. Mass spectrometry requires cleaner vial, cap and septum combinations to avoid masses from the vial which would otherwise interfere with the sample being processed.

Is your sample sensitive to light?


Why is light sensitivity important?

Compounds that are light sensitive will breakdown or degrade in the presence of certain wavelengths of light. Amber glass filters out more of the low wavelengths of light and is an appropriate choice for light sensitive compounds.

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