SKU: WAT023590
Sep-Pak C18 1 cc Vac Cartridge, 100 mg Sorbent per Cartridge, 55 - 105 µm, 100/pk - WAT023590

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Product Description

Sep-Pak C18 Vac cartridges contain a hydrophobic, reverse-phase, silica-based bonded phase that is used to adsorb analytes of even weak hydrophobicity from aqueous solutions. The Sep-Pak C18 sorbent is made using the most reproducible bonding technology available, utilizing monofunctional silane chemistry. This sorbent offers a unique selectivity and excellent recovery of anlytes, and is recommended as a general purpose SPE phase for both polar and non-polar analytes. Typical applications include extraction of drugs and their metabolites in serum, plasma or urine, desalting of peptides, isolation of trace organics in environmental water samples and organic acids in beverages. These syringe-barrel-type cartridges are designed for use with vacuum manifolds and automated SPE instruments.


  • Brand


  • Units per Package

    100 pk

  • Chemistry


  • Endcapped


  • Format

    Vac Cartridge

  • Mass Spec Compatibility


  • Mode


  • Particle Size

    55-105 µm

  • Pore Size

    125 Å

  • Sorbent Substrate


  • Sorbent Weight

    100 mg

  • Water Wettable


  • pH Range Min

    2 pH

  • pH Range Max

    8 pH

  • Barrel Size

    1 cc

  • Hold up volume

    0.2 mL

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