The Pharmacokinetically-Based CRO that focuses on The Science.

With their scientific knowledge and the most innovative Waters UPLC/MS systems, MicroConstants, one of the largest bioanalytical LC/MS/MS laboratories, based in San Diego, Calif., USA, solves their clients’ problems and provides the drug development industry with the highest quality GLP Contract Research Organization (CRO) services.

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For example, a client brought MicroConstants a hepatocyte incubation samples that he had been working on with another LC/MS system for months. The client had not been able to elucidate any of the metabolites to an extent that was useful. MicroConstants analyzed the sample and provided the client not only with relevant peak heights, product ion spectra, and very good reproducibility to show that they were real metabolites, but MicroConstants also found many more metabolites and helped the client identify them... all within 1 week!

As David Johnson, Director of the DMPK Department, confirms “Waters ACQUITY UPLC has the most reproducible chromatography I’ve ever seen in an LC” and “the Xevo has the lowest baseline I’ve ever seen in a mass spectrometer. ... And with MSE, we can look at all the spectra in 1 run ... it’s the most powerful way to do our metabolite profiling.”

MicroConstants relies on Waters systems to keep them at the leading edge of CROs. The reproducibility, the quality of data and the savings in turnaround time (many times from weeks to hours) of the Waters systems enable MicroConstants to make their clients successful too.