Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

From research to routine - use ion mobility to enhance your analyses

Waters SYNAPT and Vion systems combine ion mobility separations with high resolution MS, significantly enhancing routine MS/MS workflows, and enable new discoveries not possible any other way.



Масс-спектрометрия высокого разрешения SYNAPT G2-Si SYNAPT G2-Si – единственный способ сочетания трех измерений разрешения и обеспечения уникального уровня разделения, избирательности, чувствительности и анализа структуры. Беспрецедентные возможности обнаружения и универсальность.
Масс-спектрометрия высокого разрешения MALDI SYNAPT G2-Si Доступ к нескольким измерениям разрешения и очень высокий уровень разделения, специфичности и достоверности в ходе анализа.
Vion IMS QTof Vion IMS QTof — квадрупольный времяпролетный масс-спектрометр высокого разрешения, обеспечивающий селективность ионной подвижности при каждом анализе для всех специалистов.
SYNAPT G2-Si Applications There are three dimensions of resolution. SYNAPT G2-Si is the only way to view them all.
Quadrupole Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry Waters Quadrupole Time-of-flight MS systems, featuring QuanTof, Fast DDA and MSE technologies, provide the highest UPLC-MS/MS performance to meet the needs of challenging qualitative and quantitative applications.
Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry Waters Time-of-flight MS systems, featuring QuanTof and MSE technologies, provide the highest UPLC-MS performance to meet the needs of challenging qualitative and quantitative applications.

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Measuring Protein Shape and Topology with Mass Spectrometry

Vicki Wysocki, professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Ohio State University, describes how she uses ion mobility MS to revolutionize the characterization of proteins, important in target and drug discovery fields.
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TriWave technology enables you to separate on the basis of size and shape as well as m/z, dramatically enhancing sample definition.
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Read the latest peer reviewed papers and find out how Waters SYNAPT instruments give you the highest levels of information.
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